Contracts simplified

Agreements should be simple. We
make sure the fine print is simple, too.

With Tome, always sign with confidence

Tome leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to read, analyze, and validate every word in your documents and generate a digestible summary highlighting the key terms, any unusual terms, and explanations of each term.

Contracts are code. And code can be deciphered and translated into language that all humans, not just lawyers, can understand.

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Using Tome, you can:

  • Receive an overview of your venture deals. Instantly.
  • Know that your contracts match, pixel by pixel, the industry standard.
  • Zoom in and highlight the details you care about.
  • Understand alternatives, along with a data-driven approach to how common they are.
  • Control the negotiation.
Understanding the SAFEGetting Equity Financing contracts Correct

Learn from our venture experts

The Tome Venturepedia is the most trusted knowledge base of venture capital terms on the internet. Curated by the world’s foremost educators and experts in venture capital terms, the Venturepedia is a continuously growing guide to understanding some of the most complex venture capital concepts.

You can explore the Venturepedia by selecting a topic in the index, or by selecting a guide of pre-selected topics for an overview of a particular concept.

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