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Instant + precise AI contract review verified by expert attorneys.
Easily understand, negotiate, and close common business agreements.
Smarter, faster decision-making across all your contract needs.

Make Better Agreements, Faster

Empower your team with fast, reliable legal review. Tome's LLMs have reviewed tens of thousands of contracts, so you don't have to.

Validate common terms

Summarize common terms, prevent hidden risks, and understand what you're signing with our curated market data.

Red-flag issues

Make sure your contract meets market standards. Red flag common issues from our Tome Standards or your own contract playbook.

Negotiate better outcomes

See negotiation suggestions, common alternative language, and contract best practices.

Reliable attorney review

With Tome Pro, experts provide integrated attorney review, tailored redrafting, and answers to contract questions.

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Tome combines AI analysis, market data, and expert insight

Instant AI analysis

Instantly red flag, compare to market standards, and understand negotiation points. Free for up to 5 supported contracts.

Expert attorney support

Add human review, custom contract playbooks, and tailored contract services with our Tome Pro subscription. Plans start at $149/mo. 

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Transform your contract workflow with Tome's precision-engineered platform.

Our platform combines domain expert knowledge modeling with the inferential power of AI to achieve unmatched accuracy and comprehensive contract understanding.

We democratize access to translating the dense legal jargon, enabling teams from startups to enterprises with precise, human-verified insights for smarter, faster decision-making across all your contract needs.

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