Investment Vehicles 101

Most startups are incorporated as C-corporations (C-corps), but that’s not their only option. In some cases, a startup may incorporate as a limited liability company (LLC) — a type of company that offers its owners limited liability protection. "Investment Vehicles 101" is a comprehensive resource for individuals and entities seeking to understand the key differences between limited liability companies (LLCs) and C-corporations (C-corps). This guide provides a thorough overview of the distinct characteristics and features of LLCs and C-corps, including the legal and financial implications of each type of business entity. In addition, the guide covers the various advantages and disadvantages of LLCs and C-corps, as well as practical advice and real-world examples to help readers better understand the key differences between these business structures. Whether you are a business owner, investor, or legal professional, this guide offers valuable insights and guidance on the key distinctions between LLCs and C-corps.


Different Investment Vehicles