Contracts, not Chaos

Tome combines AI and expert advice to make contracts easy for businesses of all sizes.
Consistent contract data

Use market data, customizable playbooks, and expert advice.

Automate the busywork

Speed up your contract review process and improve your analysis through AI.

Attorney support

Expert attorneys are integrated into Tome Pro analysis plans.

Tome: AI for contracts

Tome builds and tests large language models (LLMs) on contract "legalese" to reliably review and analyze common business agreements.
Let's be honest: nobody wants to read contracts. That's why contract review slows down every negotiation, from sales and hiring to investment and leasing. Our co-founders saw this first-hand in reviewing thousands of contracts in Silicon Valley.

Tome makes contract review fast, easy, and reliable. Our platform combines fine-tuned LLMs with reliable market data, negotiation playbooks, and market data. Direct attorney support is available through a Tome Pro subscription.

Today, Tome is used by top startups, asset managers, law firms, and small businesses to review and negotiate routine contracts — including NDAs, sales agreements, investment agreements, and more.

Never sign an agreement without a Tome Report.

Legal Advisory Board

Consistent with Our Values, our Legal Advisory Board helps review and standardize market practice guidance across our platform.

Maryam Haque

Director, National Venture Capital Association

Nic Markman

Partner, Gunderson, Dettmer, Stough, Villeneuve, Franklin & Hachigian LLP

Brian C. Patterson

Partner, Latham & Watkins

Andrew Harper


Adam Sterling

Assistant Dean for Executive Education and Revenue Generation, Berkeley Law

Amit Bhatti

Head of Seed Fund,
Bain Capital Ventures

Nadia Dugal

Co-founder, Tome

Robert Bartlett

Professor of Law,
Stanford Law School

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I upload contracts to Tome?

When you send documents to Tome, our AI system automatically processes them against a set of Tome Standards. Within 2-3 minutes, we generate a Tome Report - a summary of the key terms, red flags, and negotiating points in your contract.

Does Tome learn from my contracts?

Tome uses anonymized, deindentified data in AI learning. Data is used only in Tome's AI training processes, and is not licensed for learning to any third parties.

Tome Pro, Tome Enterprise, and Tome Enterprise (On-Prem) users may opt out of AI learning. Opting out of learning may limit access to some features.

Is Tome secure?

Yes. Tome is SOC2 Type I compliant and uses bank-grade encryption (including 2048-bit RSA encryption) to secure user data in transit and at rest.

What does Tome check for?

Tome analyzes your contracts against a set of Tome Standards: rules and standards created by expert attorneys in collaboration with our Legal Advisory Board. You can view more information about the Standards inside the product.

Is Tome a replacement for my lawyer?

Tome's AI service is not a replacement for a lawyer or law firm. Use of the Tome platform alone does not create an attorney-client relationship, and information sent to Tome may not be legally privileged. Tome provides self-service tools and access to attorneys at your direction.

What kinds of contracts does Tome support?

Tome supports common business contracts, including NDAs, SaaS vendor agreements, and more. See our site for more details.

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