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Founded in 2021

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing have already transformed many industries. Legal services is the next frontier.
Much of the routine contract review that law firms currently handle can be done faster and cheaper by advances in technology Numerous companies have tried to build technology to better aid lawyers in their contract review. 

But human review takes time and is prone to error. Using AI and drawing from our team’s firsthand experience negotiating thousands of venture deals, we’ve created a faster and more accurate way to review contracts.

Tome leverages the best corporate law firms in the world for a fraction of the time and cost.

Legal Advisory Board

Consistent with Our Values, Tome’s Legal Advisory Board comprises the world’s foremost experts, practitioners, and educators in venture capital. Leveraging their combined experience, the Legal Advisory Board helps us ensure that Tome is at the top of the market in accuracy and credibility.

Maryam Haque

Director, National Venture Capital Association

Nic Markman

Partner, Gunderson, Dettmer, Stough, Villeneuve, Franklin & Hachigian LLP

Brian C. Patterson

Partner, Latham & Watkins

Andrew Harper


Adam Sterling

Assistant Dean for Executive Education and Revenue Generation, Berkeley Law

Amit Bhatti

Head of Seed Fund,
Bain Capital Ventures

Nadia Dugal

Co-founder, Tome

Robert Bartlett

Professor of Law,
Stanford Law School

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I send my documents via email to your inbox?

When you send us your documents, our system automatically begins to read, analyze, and validate every word in your documents using our machine learning technology.

In less time than it probably took you to find the right attachments, you’ll receive a digestible summary of your documents highlighting key terms, unusual terms, and an explanation of each term.

Is this site secure?

Your uploaded documents are secured by TLSv1.2 or higher and RSA 2048-bit encryption, and stored in your personal, encrypted Tome Vault.

For the non-techies out there, this means your uploaded documents are secure!

My venture documents contain sensitive information. What do you do with it?

All uploaded agreements are stored in our secure Tome Vault, an encrypted storage solution. In addition, all agreements ingested in our database are stripped of sensitive user information, company information, investor information, etc.

Tome will never store such information or sell it for any purpose. A detailed privacy policy is contained on our website and in our Terms of Service.

What is Tome's standard of review?

At Tome, we determine if a specific term falls within the middle quartiles of the range of possible variations for that term. We also compare the term against the NVCA model venture capital financing documents, and alert you if the term does not match those documents.

In the future, you will also be able to create your own standard of review, ensuring that all venture agreements you and your fund enter into conform to your and your fund’s specific requirements.

Is Tome engaging in the practice of law?

Tome is not your lawyer. And although our database of clauses and contracts have been vetted by some of the world’s foremost venture capital attorneys, a Tome Verified agreement does not necessarily imply that a law firm or lawyer has reviewed that agreement. In providing the Tome Report, Tome does not opine on whether the contract pertaining to the report is enforceable.

The Tome Report simply provides a factual statement about what is in your contracts and whether or not your terms are “market standard.” The “market standard” determination is not a judgment, but rather a comparison of the term in question against thousands of terms and a determination as to the rate of occurrence of that term. At Tome, we define “market standard” as a term falling within the middle quartiles of the range of possible variations for that term.

What kinds of contracts does Tome support?

Currently, Tome supports all types of SAFEs (including side letters), the standard suite of venture capital financing documents (i.e., the Restated Charter, Stock Purchase Agreement, Right of First Refusal and Co-Sale Agreement, Voting Agreement, and Investors’ Rights Agreement).

Tome also supports Management Rights Letters. We plan to support more document types in the future.

How would I use Tome?

When you are participating in a financing round, it’s customary to receive venture financing documents from the company you’re investing in. You would ordinarily send these documents to your attorney (either in-house or outside counsel), or you might review them yourself, to confirm that they conform to what you agreed to with the company and whether they have anything unusual.

In lieu of that process, you would upload the documents to Tome, and our Tome Report provides the confirmation and confidence you need to proceed in the next step of your investment process: signing and wiring. Tome also integrates with other fund management software and administrators, providing seamless updates to them so you don’t have to.

How does Tome work?

Tome has redlined tens of thousands of venture contracts against each other, generating a database of hundreds of thousands of clauses. Our attorneys, experienced in corporate and venture law, have ensured that every variation of every clause has been catalogued and explained.

When you upload a new contract, its clauses are compared against this database. We can therefore tell you the meanings of the clauses in your contracts based on which clauses they match within our robust database.

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