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Our AI and attorney-backed platform instantly reviews your Sales Agreements, ensuring speed, compliance, and deal security to boost your sales velocity.

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Capture every term you need to know now and later, including:
Term Length, Payment Terms, Termination, and Indemnification.

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Powerful AI meets thousands of human-labelled contracts, surfacing every potential issue.

Safeguard your negotiations

You decide what's negotiable and what's not—
our AI enforces these rules, so your sales team can focus on closing deals without legal overreach.

Analyze contract competitiveness

Our analysis places your contract in the market spectrum and provides precise recommendations to ensure your terms are industry-aligned and forward-facing.

Streamline collaboration

Streamline your team's workflow with centralized report access. Promote transparency and boost collective efficiency for faster, unified decision-making.

Refine and conclude

Seamlessly move from redrafting to deal closure with our advanced support. Rely on our extensive databases and expert analysis to make informed changes that propel your negotiations forward.

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Don’t let another contract slow you down.
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