Announcing Tome

Stephen Trusheim

Our mission at Tome is to help everyone agree. Today we’re proud to announce that our first product is now available to everyone. Tome for SAFEs, designed for VCs and entrepreneurs, ensures that the contracts you sign match the deal you negotiated.

Tome solves contracts using AI. We build software that translates legal text, so that you can control the business points. It’s like having an AI copilot flying the plane, so you can focus on where you’re going.

Today, Tome solves key problems for VCs and entrepreneurs. Upload a SAFE today and Tome’s AI will:

  • Ensure your SAFE converts into the correct number of shares
  • Confirm you have standard pro-rata rights
  • Check if there are any red flags or unusual terms
  • Show the market context for every negotiation point
  • … and more

Nadia and I started Tome a year ago with the shared conviction that AI can read and write contracts better than humans. Recent advancements, like GPT-4 passing the bar exam, make it even clearer that AI can transform the foundation of an arcane, opaque industry. As we build reliable solutions to these challenging problems, we’re excited to be supported by a dedicated team, exceptional investors, and a fantastic Legal Advisory Board. We’re just getting started.

We have so much more to build, and we can’t wait to share more of our journey with you.

One day, every DocuSign will come with Tome.

- Stephen and Nadia, Co-Founders

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