Tome Vault

Tome’s engineers don’t believe in a compromise between speed and security. That’s why we’ve built a cloud-native application that processes your documents quickly while keeping your data safe and confidential.

When you upload documents - whether via email or our website - we’ll store your documents in your encrypted Tome Vault. Stored documents can only be retrieved by you, your authorized colleagues, and authorized Tome employees. That’s it. No one else has access to your Tome Vault.

Your Tome Vault isn’t just cloud file storage. It’s also the secure environment in which we use machine learning to process your documents and generate your Tome Reports. Your Tome Vault ensures that we’re able to securely process the documents needed to generate your Tome report while giving you the peace of mind that your documents will remain private and encrypted. Our engineers protect our systems with modern security tools like single sign-on and zero trust architecture. In the event of a security or availability incident that impacts customer data, we will contact affected customers as well as provide an overview of the incident retrospectively.You can find more detail about our security processes in our Security and Privacy Whitepaper linked below. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our security team directly at